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  • Posted:September 10, 2013

Guide to Services and Programs for Seniors in Ontario

How you can obtain the guide

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  • Posted:September 10, 2013

Stronger Rights for Cell Phone and Wireless Consumers

Ontario Government Introduces New Rules for Cell Phone Wireless Contracts and Services

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  • Posted:September 05, 2013

Minister Corrects NDP MPP's Claims Regarding Changes to MNR

MNR transformation will mean more jobs for Northwestern Ontario

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  • Posted:September 02, 2013

Experimental Lakes Area to Remain Open

Ontario Government helps foster research and innovation in the North

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  • Posted:August 21, 2013

Ontario Government Improving Access to Services for Children, Youth and Families in Thunder Bay

Mauro announces Enhanced Community Agency Infrastructure Creating Local Jobs

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  • Posted:August 16, 2013

NOHFC Funding Helps Local Businesses Create Jobs

Mauro announces Ontario Government investment in six local businesses

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  • Posted:August 16, 2013

Enhancing Supports for Children and Youth with Special Needs in Thunder Bay

Mauro announces Ontario Government taking action to reduce wait times and improve services

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  • Posted:July 29, 2013

Helping Thunder Bay's Shelter House Provide Improved Client Services

Mauro announces additional Ontario Government funding for Shelter House

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  • Posted:July 26, 2013

Improving the Highway 11/17 Corridor Between Thunder Bay and Nipigon

Ontario Government Strengthening Northern Economy, Creating Jobs

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  • Posted:July 25, 2013

Ontario Strengthens Land Ambulance Services in Thunder Bay

Mauro and Gravelle announce funding increase for Superior North EMS

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  • Posted:July 08, 2013

Better Public Transit for Thunder Bay

Mauro and Gravelle Announce Ontario Government Funding Continues to Improve Transit

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  • Posted:June 05, 2013

Supporting Thunder Bay's Local Arts and Culture Community

Mauro announces Ontario Government Funding for Thunder Bay Arts Organizations

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  • Posted:June 03, 2013

Supporting Business Development in Thunder Bay

Ontario Government Strengthening Economy, Creating Jobs

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  • Posted:May 31, 2013

Oliver Paipoonge Expands Industrial Park in Murillo

Mauro announces Ontario Government NOHFC funding

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  • Posted:May 30, 2013

Construction Begins on Phase 2 of the Centre of Excellence for Integrated Seniors’ Services

Improving Long-Term Care in Thunder Bay

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  • Posted:May 28, 2013

Mauro Wants to Improve Access to Drug Testing for Celiac Disease

Introduces Private Member’s Bill to expand OHIP Coverage for serological tests for Celiac

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  • Posted:May 27, 2013

Supporting Business Growth in Thunder Bay

Mauro announces Ontario Government Strengthening Economy, Creating Jobs

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  • Posted:May 24, 2013

Dance Enthusiasts "Kick Up Heels" with New Portable Dance Floor

Mauro announces OTF grant supports purchase of new floors

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  • Posted:May 22, 2013

More Support for Northern Ontario Women Entrepreneurs Looking to Make their Mark

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  • Posted:May 21, 2013

Improving Access to Health Care in Thunder Bay

Mauro & Gravelle announce: Ontario Government Investing in Community Health Centres

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