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  • Posted:March 06, 2015

Almost $485,000 in NOHFC Funding Assists Local Businesses

Mauro announces Ontario Government investment in five local businesses

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  • Posted:February 20, 2015

Investing in Ontario's Public Libraries

Mauro announces New Fund to Improve Access to Digital Services and Encourage Innovation

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  • Posted:February 20, 2015

Ontario Supports Social Enterprise in Thunder Bay Through Support of Paro

Mauro announces Province Growing Social Enterprise Sector

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  • Posted:February 19, 2015

Fostering Student Entrepreneurship in Thunder Bay

Ontario Partnering with Local Postsecondary Institutions to Create Innovative Programs

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  • Posted:February 11, 2015

New Support for People with Developmental Disabilities

Mauro announces Fort Frances Project Supported by Developmental Services Employment and Modernization Fund

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  • Posted:February 03, 2015

Thunder Bay Agricultural Research Station will Remain in Operation

Muro & Gravelle Announce NOHFC Agreement for TBARS

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  • Posted:January 27, 2015

Recognizing Agri-Food Innovation Excellence in Thunder Bay

Ontario Government Presents Honours to Local Innovators

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  • Posted:January 21, 2015

Building Bridges Tour: Minister McMeekin & MPP Mauro Meet with Local Rural Mayors

Province Seeking to Strengthen Municipal Partners

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  • Posted:December 12, 2014

Serving up Local Food in Thunder Bay & Area

Ontario Investing in Innovative Local Food Projects

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  • Posted:December 12, 2014

NOHFC Internship Program Assits Local Not-For-Profits

Mauro Announces Ontario Government NOFC Funding

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  • Posted:December 09, 2014

Reducing Waitlists for Preschool Speech & Language Program in Thunder Bay

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  • Posted:November 28, 2014

Strengthening Health Care Research in Thunder Bay

Ontario Supporting Research and Innovation, Creating Jobs

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  • Posted:November 26, 2014

Helping Northern Ontario Economies Grow Stronger

Gravelle and Mauro announce almost $60 million in uploads to local municipalities

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  • Posted:November 14, 2014

Keeping Kids in Thunder Bay Active After School

Gravelle & Mauro announce More Sport, Recreation and Active Living Options for Kids in Priority Neighbourhoods

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  • Posted:November 13, 2014

Better Public Transit for Thunder Bay

Mauro & Gravelle announce Ontario continues to improve transit, creating jobs

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  • Posted:November 07, 2014

Provincial Government Invests $125,000 Through NOHFC Program

Mauro announces Government Supports Northern Business Growth, Job Creation

  • News
  • Posted:October 31, 2014

Caregiver Leaves to Help Families Now In Effect

Mauro & Gravelle announce Ontario Strengthens Job Security for Families

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  • Posted:October 27, 2014

New Resources For Children and Youth at the Libraries of Oliver Paipoogne

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  • Posted:October 24, 2014

Youth Internship Program Funding

Mauro announces Ontario Government’s NOHFC investment in Thunder Bay-Atikokan internships

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  • Posted:October 16, 2014

Paramedics to Offer More Community Care

Ontario Supporting 30 Innovative Programs for Patients with Chronic Conditions

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