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United Way Receives $149,000 Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant

New Resource to Support Community Initiative

Bill Mauro, MPP for Thunder Bay-Atikokan, and Michael Gravelle, MPP for Thunder Bay-Superior North, are pleased to announce a new resource for Thunder Bay.

The United Way of Thunder Bay, as the lead organization, along with their collaborative partner the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre are joining forces to launch Thunder Bay Counts.

This new initiative will lead a coordinated response to determine and act on what is important for people’s wellbeing, while addressing related challenges here in Thunder Bay.  The community will have a shared responsibility in developing an action plan that will help eliminate root causes to some of our most pressing community priorities that create barriers to wellbeing. 

City of Thunder Bay Councillor, Rebecca Johnson, will Chair this initiative and a round table of community leaders will be engaged to help guide the project.

There are several steps to this project:

  • Bring together information from existing social research projects and the numerous strategies that presently exist.


  • Work with the community to develop community goals, outcomes, indicators and a process to measure progress along the way.


  • Engage local funders to discuss how we can work together to strategically fund our community.


  • Engage partners in data sharing on the outcomes and indicators to bring forward information on how the community is working towards Thunder Bay Counts goals.


  • Develop the Thunder Bay Counts website that will provide information back to the community on the initiative.


  • Create and update, over time, the Thunder Bay Counts Report Card that will provide information to the community on progress and changes within our community.




“This grant is an investment in our community’s future. I’m delighted to see that the Ontario government’s Trillium Foundation program is supporting this worthy cause through the United Way of Thunder Bay.”

-Bill Mauro, MPP Thunder Bay-Atikokan


“The United Way of Thunder Bay is an incredible organization that continues to improve and enhance the well-being of our community.  I’m thrilled that this grant will help launch Thunder Bay Counts, which will certainly help to tackle some of the root causes of social issues in Thunder Bay.”

-Michael Gravelle, MPP Thunder Bay-Superior North


“The United Way of Thunder Bay is excited to bring this initiative to Thunder Bay and thanks the Ontario Trillium Foundation for believing in the impact that this will achieve in our community.  We look forward to working with our community to enrich the good work that is already taking place and to bring new opportunities to enhance quality of life here in Thunder Bay.”

-Sandra Albertson, Director of Community Impact, United Way of Thunder Bay




For more information about Thunder Bay Counts please contact Sandra Albertson, Director of Community Impact, United Way of Thunder Bay, 626-1766 or

For more information about the Ontario Trillium Foundation, visit

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