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  • October 03, 2014

New Tax Credit to Benefit Farmers and Communities

Ontario Government Tax Credit Only One of its Kind in Canada

A new tax credit is helping put nutritious, fresh, locally grown food on the plates of those who need it most.

The Food Donation Tax Credit for Farmers - the only one of its kind in Canada –

is giving farmers a tax credit valued at 25 per cent of the fair market value of the agricultural products they donate to community food programs, including food banks and student nutrition programs.

The tax credit is a part of the Ontario government's local food strategy and Local Food Act, 2013 to promote the good things that are grown and harvested across the province.

Building a stronger agri-food industry is part of the government's economic plan to support a dynamic and innovative business climate, invest in people and invest in infrastructure.



“Through our Local Food Act and this new tax credit for food donations, we are helping to build stronger relationships among our hard-working farmers and community food organizations so they can offer more fresh, nutritious, local food to families and individuals who need it most.”

-      Bill Mauro, MPP Thunder Bay-Atikokan


“This new tax credit is an integral part of our government’s commitment to support farmers, increase access to nutritious, locally grown food and promote the good things that are grown right across the province.”

-      Jeff Leal, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

“This new tax credit will help farmers donate more fresh food to their local food banks, which will support our farmers, drive local economic growth, and benefit families in communities across the province.”

-      Charles Sousa Minister of Finance

“Ontario’s farmers have a long tradition of donating their agricultural products to charitable causes, and we believe this credit will both honour that tradition and help motivate others to donate.”

-      Mark Wales, President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

“Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy local food, and we applaud the Ontario government for introducing a tax credit that will encourage more farmers to make that food available to families and individuals who need it most. Many food bank clients do not receive the recommended daily servings of fruits, vegetables, and protein, which causes additional strains on one's health and well-being. A balanced diet with local, fresh, and nutritious foods will help improve the health of food bank clients as well as the health of communities across Ontario.”

-      Bill Laidlaw, Executive Director, Ontario Association of Food Banks

Quick Facts

  • One-third of the 375,000 Ontarians served by a food bank every month are children.
  • More than 600,000 children and youth participate in breakfast, snack and lunch programs in communities across Ontario.
  • Under the proclaimed legislation, farmers can claim the new tax credit for donations dating back to Jan. 1, 2014.
  • Ontario’s agri-food sector contributes about $34 billion to the province’s economy and supports more than 740,000 jobs across Ontario.

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